Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC).

SSCCs are used to identify logistic units, e.g. a pallet shipped between two parties.

If you only want to parse SSCCs, you can import the SSCC parser directly instead of using biip.parse().

>>> from biip.sscc import Sscc

If parsing succeeds, it returns a Sscc object.

>>> sscc = Sscc.parse("376130321109103420")
>>> sscc
Sscc(value='376130321109103420', prefix=GS1Prefix(value='761',
usage='GS1 Schweiz, Suisse, Svizzera'), extension_digit=3,
payload='37613032110910342', check_digit=0)

Biip can format the SSCC in HRI format for printing on a label.

>>> sscc.as_hri()
'3 761 3032110910342 0'
>>> sscc.as_hri(company_prefix_length=8)
'3 761 30321 10910342 0'
class biip.sscc.Sscc(value, prefix, extension_digit, payload, check_digit)

Data class containing an SSCC.

value: str

Raw unprocessed value.

prefix: Optional[biip.gs1._prefixes.GS1Prefix]

The GS1 prefix, indicating what GS1 country organization that assigned code range.

extension_digit: int

Extension digit used to increase the capacity of the serial reference.

payload: str

The actual payload, including extension digit, company prefix, and item reference. Excludes the check digit.

check_digit: int

Check digit used to check if the SSCC as a whole is valid.

classmethod parse(value)

Parse the given value into a Sscc object.


value (str) – The value to parse.

Return type



SSCC data structure with the successfully extracted data. The checksum is guaranteed to be valid if an SSCC object is returned.


ParseError – If the parsing fails.

as_hri(*, company_prefix_length=None)

Render as a human readable interpretation (HRI).

The HRI is often printed directly below barcodes.


company_prefix_length (Optional[int]) – Length of the assigned GS1 Company prefix. 7-10 characters. If not specified, the GS1 Company Prefix and the Serial Reference are rendered as a single group.


ValueError – If an illegal company prefix length is used.

Return type



A human-readable string where the logic parts are separated by whitespace.